Texas A&M University:  A Milestone in Academic Excellence

Choosing a university to pursue your collegiate studies is not easy. You need to determine the quality of education that a university has to offer before applying to it. In Texas, one of the leading public institutions for collegiate studies is the Texas A&M University.

Being the first public institution in the state, Texas A&M University opened its doors to young hopefuls on October 4, 1876 with the name Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. The college was given as a land-grant by the Texas Legislature. It was also described under the Texas Constitution that it is a branch of the University of Texas, which was, back then, yet to be created and established as an educational institution. However, the Texas Legislature never gave the University of Texas any authority over the college. Back then, the letters A and M were used to abbreviate the name components of the institution.

The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, during its first few years, was originally catered to young men who are very much willing to participate in Corps of Cadets in where they would receive a rigorous military training. During this time, only a few number of women were permitted to attend formal classes, but they were certainly not allowed to obtain a college degree. The World War I gave the young men who obtained military training from the college a chance to serve their nation. By this time most of the students in the college were included in the military service, and in World War II, the College produced over 20,000 combat troops.

After World War II, Texas Legislature noticed the efforts of the college to provide a quality education and they redefined the college formally as a university, introducing it as a flagship school for the Texas A&M University System. The Texas Legislature also pointed out that the school is a separate institution from the University of Texas.  The college offered quality education and soon enough, gained its university status in 1963. In that year, the administration of the university incorporated the letters A&M so as it would reflect the universityís history and traditions. In the present, the letters do not actually connote any word in particular and it is said to be only purely symbolic. By this time, the administration of the new Texas A&M University integrated studies in many different fields and it quickly gained enrollees. The University also became co-educational and women were allowed to pursue their own degrees. Receiving military training from the Corp of Cadets also stopped being compulsory, this was a delight to others who were not interested in the membership to the Corp of Cadets.

In the 20th century, more studentís fresh out of their high school years wanted to be enrolled in the Texas A&M University because of the quality of education that it offers. The University also received various grants from the government in order for it to fully finance its research grants to further educate their students.