Reveille: Texas A&M Revered Mascot

It was announced last February that Reveille the VII is retiring at the end of the academic school year for 2007-2008. The 7 year-old Collie, who was born on the 9th of October 2000, has been performing her Texas A&M mascot duties since the May 12, 2001. And performing her duties well, albeit an occasional naughty streak or two - is what Reveille the VII is to be known for.

Reveille the VII or simply, Reveille VII is the latest dog to hold the position of being the official Texas A&M mascot. The Collie has been sent and resent to obedience school on many occasions, owing to too much exuberance in her nature. Nonetheless, her presence alone can spur the Aggies into positive action, so all is forgiven at the end of the day.

The announcement of which dog shall be entitled Reveille the VIII is still in the works.

Why Reveille?

The name Reveille comes from the very first Texas A&M mascot. In January 1931, members of the Aggie band had accidentally hit a stray puppy out on the road. They smuggled the animal into their dorms (despite dormitory regulation against pets) with every intention of bringing the poor dog to the vet the next day. However, when a musician began playing the first few notes of the song Reveille (the bugle call to awaken the troops at sunrise) the little dog started barking and eventually gave itself away.

By then, the little mixed breed puppy had stolen the hearts of the rest of the Aggie band members. They had even included the dog in their half-time performance during the peak of the football season.

Since then, the chosen Texas A&M mascot has been revered by all: university administrators, students, alumni and fans alike.

Reveille Means 5 Star Diamonds

During World War II, Texas A&M University was able to supply a huge volume of officers and soldiers to the battle front. As a token of gratitude to the school, the US Armed Forces gave Reveille the honorary title of being the Cadet General of the US Army. This is a rank that affords a 5-star diamond merit. However, since these 5-star diamonds are not readily manufactured, Reveilleís caretakers simply aligned the ranks of the Cadet Colonel (3 stars) and the Cadet Lieutenant (2 stars) on her uniform. Upon Reveilleís death on the18th of January, 1944, the dog was granted a formal military funeral and was laid to rest on university grounds.

Other historical information about other Reveilles are:

  •      Reveille, later renamed Reveille I (to differentiate her from her subsequent namesakes) was the only mixed breed dog to hold the official position.
  •      All A&M mascots are females. Even the prospective candidate for Reveille VIII must be female.
  •      Reveille II was a Shetland Sheepdog who served the post 8 years after the tenure of her predecessor.
  •      Reveille III was an American Collie, and from then on, only this breed held the official post.
  •      All A&M mascots that have passed on are buried on a plot in university grounds.