Top 10 Reasons To Be An Aggie Fan

Many come to watch the games, any game for that matter. But when it comes to conference games, no one else can deliver like the Texas A&M Aggies. If you want entertainment, comedy, or drama then these are the games you should be watching. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should become an Aggie fan.

1.    First reason which every body should consider in this regard is that the Texas A&M Aggies usually make dramatic comebacks. There are often moments when the Aggies seem to be the underdog in the races. Nonetheless, it helps whet the appetite of all Aggie supporters and enthusiasts alike, especially when the turn around is on the last few minutes of the game.

2.    Recently, the Aggies seem to be staking their claim on a lot of championship titles, including relatively “new” sports like Equestrian riding. Of course, football and basketball are tops when it comes to Aggie sports.

3.    If academic leaning is what you are after, you might be glad to know that as of late, there are over 320,000 degrees being granted to students from all over the US. A&M has ten colleges, 18 research institutions and 150 courses being offered.

4.    If you are a stickler for tradition, then Aggies can give you that. In fact, the entire student body and the administration can give you that. This can start off by simply wearing the colors of the Texas A&M Aggies, which are maroon and white. However, if you are part of the student body, you just may find yourself part of the 12th man squad during the games. This is a tradition where students who may have done well in practice but did not make the team can be called into the game when the need arises.

5.    Texas A&M Aggies have always had a long standing stand-off with its most noteworthy competition, particularly the University of Texas or TU. Although the competition is supposed to be friendly, you can always have the liberty of shouting and screaming all you want to show your support for your beloved Aggie team. You can literally have a screaming good time at the games! We swear, the other Aggies won’t mind.

6.    You may want to wait for the maroon out or white out tradition where spectators get to wear only one of the two official hues of Texas A&M Aggies. This is the time when Texas A&M apparel and merchandise of one color are heavily discounted.

7.    If you are at the playing court or open field for a bit of entertainment, there’s always the Aggie Band at half-time with Reveille, their official mascot.

8.    Location usually plays a crucial role here, but for many Aggie enthusiasts, an Aggie game is always a great place to hold a tailgating party.

9.    The merchandise isn’t so bad. Where else can you find Aggie products for your wife, your kids, your car, and even for your dog. If nothing else, your dog will at least thank you for buying him that deep dish with the Aggie logo engraving.

10.    Free flowing beer after the games?