Aggie Apparel Isnít Just For Men

Ah, the Texas A&M Aggies and their prominent Aggie apparel. Texas A&M University is probably one of the most recognizable educational institutions in the country. Aside from its rich and long traditions in learning excellence, people also remember good olí A&M for its roster of high-profile alumni, students, and of course its sports team members. As it is, Americaís Best Sports College now has now 20 sports teams to watch out for, there are the: men and womenís basketball, golf, outdoor track and field, soccer, swimming and diving, track and field, and volleyball teams. Of course there is also the A&M football team.

Players usually wear the familiar Aggie apparel of maroon and white with the logo of Texas A&M occupying quite prominent placements. It seems only fitting that the cheerers and spectators should wear the same. Some may opt for the exact fashion their favored teams are wearing; others prefer a more street-smart look (less prominent logo placements.)

A&M enthusiasts (whether or not they actually attend or have attended the university) usually congregate on the playing courts and on the open fields in order to root for their favorites, yell down the opposition and really ďgetĒ into that A&M zone. These games, especially championship rounds, are usually well attended with much hype prior, during and after the games. It is on these occasions when Texas A&M apparel became earnest necessities for those screaming in the bleachers. After all, how could you get into the zone when wearing just your everyday street clothes and cap?

It should be noted though, that with a growing number of fans showing their support for their favored A&M teams, Aggies apparel isnít made just for men. This is a most definite ďnot!Ē Most Aggie apparel are now unisex. Things like bags, caps, hats, tank tops, t-shirts, turtlenecks, visors; and t-shirts can be used by both sexes.

However, as most fashion trends go, there is also a need for more, shall we say, specialized equipments. Menís Aggie fashion include: bandanas, Capri pants, jewelery, polo shirts, shorts, sports jackets, watches and wind shirts. Womenís Aggie fashion also has the same selection, with the inclusion of hair ties, purses, totes and even top-hugging, midriff- baring bandeaus.

To put a bit of icing on the cake, there are now childrenís wear and aggies infant apparel that cater to the die hard A&M fans. Naturally, if you are bringing the entire family to the games, why not deck little Taylor in his own little cap (or hat,) overalls, or shirt and shorts. And for the littlest tyke, you can choose from selections like baby hats, headbands, onsies, rompers, and warm knitted socks Ė all of which have the Aggie logo embossed.

But in case all that excitement doesnít die down after the games, your youngsters could still tuck in with their own swimwear and towel, in case they want to emulate their A&M swimming and diving heroes. Pajamas are also available for little kids who want to sleep cuddling their A&M teddy bears and tucked under warm Aggies blankets.

Finally, the cherry on top of the icing is this: there is now Aggies apparel especially made for manís best friend! This is perhaps a great way to express your support for good old Reveille: Texas A&Mís long standing mascot.

Letís just say that when you are an Aggie supporter, going overboard is not only accepted; it is encouraged as well!