Aggie Apparel Materials And Care Guide

There are many choices when it comes to Texas A&M apparel. Depending on what style you choose to purchase, your aggie apparel will be made of different materials. Overall, there are about half a dozen materials used to make the clothing. Here you can learn what these materials are and how to care for them; this way your aggie apparel can stay looking great for many years.

Acrylic: Consists of synthetic fibers made from polymers. The material is very soft and light weight. Acrylic can be dyed very easily, making it an ideal fabric to reach the true maroon tone of the aggies. Acrylic cleans easily, is machine washable, very durable and doesnít shrink or wrinkle. I would recommend washing your acrylic clothing in cold water to help preserve the colors. After washing, your acrylic aggie apparel can go in the dryer, on a low temperature.

Cotton: This is one of the easiest materials to take care of. Cotton is very durable, machine washable and can handle high temperatures. Your cotton aggie apparel can be placed in the dryer and can also be ironed. Keep in mind that cotton does shrink, so you should always buy your clothing a little bit bigger than you actually need. For solid white cotton materials, you can put some bleach in the washer to help whiten up your clothing.

Micro Suede: Is made from many micro-fibers that are all woven together. This fabric cleans easily, making it an ideal fabric for infant aggie apparel. You can easily wipe spills off and it is usually machine washable. The material itself is very soft, even softer than fleece.

Polyester: This material can usually be machine washed in cold water and dried on a very low temperature. The material can not withstand very high temperatures, so you should never iron your aggie apparel that is made of polyester. Since polyester can not handle high temperatures, keep in mind that your clothing many shrink if it is left in the dryer too long or if the dryer becomes too hot. Make sure to read over the cleaning instructions on your clothes before tearing out the tags. Some of the polyester garments will need to be dry cleaned.

Spandex: These articles of clothing are very durable and comfortable. You should hand- wash your spandex aggie apparel in warm water, using a mild detergent. After washing, lay the clothing flat and allow to air dry.

Wool: Your wool aggie apparel should be hand washed. Wool does not wrinkle easy, so if you allow your garments to dry the proper amount of time, you will not have to worry about creases and wrinkles. Most aggie apparel that is made of wool is also made of acrylic. Check the cleaning instructions on your garment, but most clothing made of acrylic and wool is washable.

I hope this helps you in choosing the type of fabric you would like your aggie apparel to be made of. If you follow the cleaning instructions, your clothing should stay looking new for a very long time. Also, keep in mind that hot temperatures and hot water will fade colors. You should try to wash your clothes in cold water to help your apparel keep the deep maroon color from fading.